Workshop Demand Driven Enterprise with Carol Ptak

An event organised by Citwell

Workshop Demand Driven Enterprise with Carol Ptak

Workshop Demand Driven Enterprise with Carol Ptak 1920 1440 Citwell UK


Faced with a complex and volatile environment, companies must adapt and are now interested in new approaches. « Demand Driven, says Anaïs Leblanc, Senior Manager of Citwell, is an innovative approach to transforming its supply chain into a flow-oriented model, driven by real demand and hourly financial gains. It seduces more and more industrialists by its power of answer to the difficulties of the planners, but also and especially of answer to the leaders on the mechanism of generation of income ». Much more than a simple computational method, becoming Demand Driven means rethinking planning and thinking in the company in order to obtain a systemic and relevant vision of the leverage points within it.

Since 2013, Citwell supports the Demand Driven MRP methodology and its recent evolution towards a more global approach: Demand Driven Adaptive Enterprise (DDAE). The adaptive business model uses an innovative continuous improvement system, consisting of three key components: Demand Driven Operating Model, Demand Driven S&OP and Adaptive S&OP. « To succeed in this demand-driven transformation, says Carol Ptak, we must first and foremost protect and promote the flow, in order to place it at the heart of the supply chain, and to train the stakeholders, starting with the managers ».

With around fifteen companies supported in this process and the support of Fapics – French Association of Supply Chain Management, Citwell wanted to make its customers benefit from Carol Ptak’s feedback. An international expert, and former President of APICS in 2000, Carol Ptak developed the concept of Driven Demand Manufacturing (DDM) at PeopleSoft and is the author of numerous articles and books, in particular: « Necessary but not sufficient » co-written with Eliyahu Goldratt, « Orlicky MRP 3rd edition », « DDMRP » co-written with Chad Smith and his latest book « Precisely Wrong », which is a huge success in the USA.

3 questions to Carol Ptak, Demand Driven Institute cofounder


These training days were divided into two phases: a morning intended for a public of decision-makers, with awareness of the method (state of play, perspectives of evolution and levers to initiate this transformation) and an afternoon focused on topics more operational in connection with the deployment of DDAE and DDS&OP approaches.

Novices or experienced participants were able to find answers around these main themes:

  • Is the approach adapted to any environment and type of business? For which results?
  • Demand Driven Institute has started developing DDMRP and recently DDS&OP and DDAE: for which reasons?
  • What are the impacts on forecasts, team planning / processes & IT services?
  • What are the main benefits of DDMRP / DDRP compared to conventional DRP?
  • How to support the change of flow-oriented mentality within the company?
  • How to start a pilot on a restricted perimeter with limited impact, then expand it to a wider field that requires management support?
  • In the context of a pilot, what is the best way to control the S&OP process?
  • How the Demand Driven integrates with existing tools (ERP, MPS…) and forecasting systems?
  • What are the best practices for managing medium and long-term planning and forecasting on parts managed with stock buffers?
  • Based on the pilot examples of the companies present, what are the next steps and key points of attention?

This disruptive workshop won the participants’ support thanks to its dynamic format, punctuated by free time for exchanges and practical exercises based on business cases. « This training day, concluded a participant, clearly met my expectations in terms of understanding the subject, the environment and the associated levers ». Definitely, Carol Ptak convinces with her style both assumed and relaxed, enough to germinate the seed Demand Driven in the minds of the most skeptical.