The evolution of

Retour en images sur 6 années d'améliorations techniques et graphiques

The evolution of

The evolution of 1839 786 Citwell UK

Year 2005: a showcase site

Colour codes borrowed from the logo (blue, orange and gray), a basic tree, a design … minimalist (let’s stay correct!). In short, the humble beginnings on the internet for our society, but which offers the merit of seizing our presence on the “Webosphere” from the start of the company

Citwell website - 2005 version
2007 homepage

2007 : the graphic bias

The year 2007 is marked by the identity redesign of society. A graphic and graphic bias against the codes, the design and the colors of the first version: Rounded shapes, an original graphic, symbolizing movement and dynamism, a predominance of the orange color … So many elements breaking with the classic codes of consulting companies in order to establish our image of cabinet “not like the others”, to mark the spirits. The website also met these challenges: more dynamic (great era of flash on websites), pushing the news, our events and our Newsletter from the home page.

Current 2009 : technical optimizations and graphic adjustments

The 2007 version of the website required some technical enhancements … The aesthetics and dynamism brought by the use of flash, is preferred a more classic and more formal highlighting of our announcements of events and news …! In addition, the colors fade: gray points here and there in the menus, the action buttons, an orange month present and a less electric blue … In short, we apply to our level the Web trend of the end of the year 2000 of “bottom before form”.

2009 Homepage
2010 Homepage

Back in 2010: a visual “facelift” … waiting for better!!

During the summer of 2010, a lot of work on our positioning, our key messages and our services led us to change graphically our identity charter.
Maturity, professionalism and dynamism are reflected in the new visual identity of our firm, with a set of new print tools (commercial brochure, business cases, commercial leaflet …). This positioning also leads us to lay the foundations of reflection to build a new Web device to support our challenges of growth and visibility. And the time to deploy this new website, a “visual consistency” operation must be operated … by applying the new graphic charter on the existing site.

Spring 2011 : Citwell in the 2.0 era!

Priority to content in all its forms (texts, photos, videos), connection to social networks, fluidity and ergonomics of navigation, a graphic resolutely in the era of time … A 100% Web 2.0 site!

2011 Homepage