Transport & Services

In recent years, the transport and services sector has been faced with major challenges: the evolution of customer behaviour and intensifying inter-transport competition.

The challenges of the sector

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• The development of so-called low cost companies is driving many changes in the sector
competitive pressure increases with the strong development of Gulf companies
new technological and ecological challenges emerge as the CO2 reduction policy and the reduction of kerosene consumption with its highly volatile cost
• The goal of filling aircraft in line with a generalized approach Yield management
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• Deregulation of the sector: privatization of operations and infrastructure management
A willingness of manufacturers to maintain their equipment and therefore compete with operators
Users' expectations change : punctuality, frequency, new intra-regional links, wifi connection ...
The arrival of the multimode which offers additional offers such as carpooling, car rental, hotel and stay reservation
The internalization of the sector: the know-how of the French companies is gradually imposed abroad
Urban and road
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The ecological transition (eco-driving, recycling of waste and hybrid vehicles) is being set up on an increasingly crowded network
The development of ICT and e-commerce with deliveries in urban centres.
Urban areas close road access (multi-modal access) and pedestrian zones are growing in larger urban centres.
Competition for river and rail transport
• A desire to legislate around social dumping
• Increasing maintenance costs
See freight
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Price variability related to global economic activity, fleet reduction, and ocean freight rates
Exacerbated competition from foreign shipowners that shipping companies face.
Dependency on ever-changing activities (construction crisis and lowering of mineral fuels)
A reduction of fleets in opposition to a gigantism race
Common challenges
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• Increasingly demanding, customers now want better access to speed and on-demand services, while maintaining value for money and access to more destinations.
• The main players see their scope of control more restricted by the intervention in the sector of pure players (Kayak, Expedia ...) on sales.
• Prices for infrastructure maintenance and new ecological taxes result in price inflation.
• Priority is given to enhancing passenger safety in a counter-terrorism context.

Your problems and our solutions

You want to optimize the level of stock of spare parts and the cost of distribution to ensure the maintenance of your equipment with more or less integrated maintenance centres:

  • The inventory optimization offer will make it possible to precisely define the location of products according to multiple criteria (consumption, frequency, criticality of the parts, etc.) and the replenishment rules.
  • The E-commerce and logistics offer will allow to respond optimally to the demand depending on the sources of delivery possibilities, size the warehouses, find the right logistic partners, manage all flows with the appropriate IT solutions, optimize costs distribution and site productivity
  • The Performance of industrial operations offer focuses on making the maintenance centers, real factories, which have to deal with complex flows, efficient
  • The Supply Chain network design offer will first clarify the customers’ logistic orientations and the logistics strategic plan and then recommend the best possible logistical organization scenario (flow, location, team, information system).
  • The Customer promise and service level offer is a guarantee to offer services in line with market expectations and their feasibility in the short and medium term.

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Managing partner of the firm, Antoine specializes in operational Supply Chain, consulting and IS and intervenes in many sectors such as Automotive, Transport and Industry. He notably worked on maintenance and spare parts subjects for the RATP.