Our cases studies


• Supply Chain diagnostics and Industry 4.0 opportunity study in the context of an extension of the industrial site.

Lincoln / Air liquide

• Optimization of the logistics master plan • Improved performance and service policy

Baron Philippe de Rothschild

• Logistic Master Plan of the Châteaux Grand Cru activity: sizing of resources, securing and trajectory


• Diagnosis of procurement planning, production and inventory management practices


• SC transformation project involving central logistic, affiliate to deploy the assortments to monitor inventory with an APS and WMS implementation


•Digitalization of the maintenance of the Nouméa plant and 5 mining centers in New Caledonia • Integration of a DDMRP management tool


• Diagnosis on the maintenance technicians autonomous « Service » unit • Target service organization construction

Zodiac Aerospace

• Realization of a study for the improvement of On-Time Delivery • Construction of progress plans with subsidiaries and benchmark on best practices


• Logistics Network Design for import flows from Asia • WMS implementation opportunity study • Deployment of good practices for distribution managers in Europe


Industrial Supply Chain diagnostic and re-sizing storage warehouses


• Supply Chain Diagnosis, building the range, adapting a collaborative model. • Project management assistance on the choice and implementation of a restocking solution. • Transformation of the animation sales forecasting process and the assortment management.


• Support the DDMRP transformation on the production and supply perimeters


• Diagnosis of raw materials and packaging articles supplies • Modeling stock issues • Proposal for recommendations


• Support for the choice of a sales forecast and stores supply solution • Assistance to planning teams with implementing S&OP Retail and new forecasting and inventory management methods


• S&OP deployement and stock security sizing on the end product


•In Supply Chain 4.0's oriented customer



• Redesign of processes, organisations and information systems of the Supply Chain of the various Group BUs (management and execution)

Leo Pharma

• Supply Chain diagnosis • Action plan implementation


• Opportunity study on the competitiveness of industrial sites • Development of decision support tools on the width of assortments


• Supply Chain diagnosis • Recommandations on industrial planning and international flows management
lafarge client référence citwell


• Analysis of distribution policy and logistics services • Organization of targeted benchmarks • In-depth study with a hundred clients • Advanced customer service development proposal

A Raymond

• Diagnostics and recommendations for the downstream logistics performance


•Logistic EBITDA optimization program, promotional processes, and catalog management, governance on the global items portefolio.

Groupe Soufflet

• Supply Chain diagnostics and help in choosing an APS • Change diagnostic and action plan • Support to deploy and animate with workshops


• Spare parts inventory management • Warehouse dimensioning study • WMS selection and implementation • Change management and teams skills development

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace

• Implementation of DDMRP Supply Chain Management Process


• In-depth Supply Chain diagnosis • Implementation of supply chain processes on the pilot scope • Definition of the target organisation • Implementation of pilot « Lean Manufacturing » projects

Elle & Vire

• Diagnostic and Supply Chain transformation plan

Knorr Bremse

• Re-organisation of the supply flow to the edge of the line

Louis Vuitton

• Support DDMRP transformation

Jacquet Brossard

• Business Process Reingineering on the Suppy Chain, Sales and Sales Administration processes • Optimization project on the logistic & sales claims management.


• Roadmap design and implementation across several Supply Chain organisations • Business Intelligence tool • Distribution flows acceleration • DDMRP