Our cases studies


• SC transformation project involving central logistic, affiliate to deploy the assortments to monitor inventory with an APS and WMS implementation

Jacquet Brossard

• Business Process Reingineering on the Suppy Chain, Sales and Sales Administration processes • Optimization project on the logistic & sales claims management.


• Diagnosis on the maintenance technicians autonomous « Service » unit • Target service organization construction


• Supply Chain diagnostics and Industry 4.0 opportunity study in the context of an extension of the industrial site.


•Logistic EBITDA optimization program, promotional processes, and catalog management, governance on the global items portefolio.


• S&OP deployement and stock security sizing on the end product


• Support for the choice of a sales forecast and stores supply solution • Assistance to planning teams with implementing S&OP Retail and new forecasting and inventory management methods

Baron Philippe de Rothschild

• Logistic Master Plan of the Châteaux Grand Cru activity: sizing of resources, securing and trajectory


• Redesign of processes, organisations and information systems of the Supply Chain of the various Group BUs (management and execution)


•Digitalization of the maintenance of the Nouméa plant and 5 mining centers in New Caledonia • Integration of a DDMRP management tool


• Roadmap design and implementation across several Supply Chain organisations • Business Intelligence tool • Distribution flows acceleration • DDMRP

Groupe Soufflet

• Supply Chain diagnostics and help in choosing an APS • Change diagnostic and action plan • Support to deploy and animate with workshops

Louis Vuitton

• Support DDMRP transformation


Industrial Supply Chain diagnostic and re-sizing storage warehouses

Knorr Bremse

• Re-organisation of the supply flow to the edge of the line


• Logistics Network Design for import flows from Asia • WMS implementation opportunity study • Deployment of good practices for distribution managers in Europe


• Diagnosis of raw materials and packaging articles supplies • Modeling stock issues • Proposal for recommendations

Leo Pharma

• Supply Chain diagnosis • Action plan implementation


• Supply Chain Diagnosis, building the range, adapting a collaborative model. • Project management assistance on the choice and implementation of a restocking solution. • Transformation of the animation sales forecasting process and the assortment management.


• Supply Chain diagnosis • Recommandations on industrial planning and international flows management

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace

• Implementation of DDMRP Supply Chain Management Process


• Spare parts inventory management • Warehouse dimensioning study • WMS selection and implementation • Change management and teams skills development



• Diagnosis of procurement planning, production and inventory management practices

A Raymond

• Diagnostics and recommendations for the downstream logistics performance


• Opportunity study on the competitiveness of industrial sites • Development of decision support tools on the width of assortments

Zodiac Aerospace

• Realization of a study for the improvement of On-Time Delivery • Construction of progress plans with subsidiaries and benchmark on best practices


• In-depth Supply Chain diagnosis • Implementation of supply chain processes on the pilot scope • Definition of the target organisation • Implementation of pilot « Lean Manufacturing » projects

Lincoln / Air liquide

• Optimization of the logistics master plan • Improved performance and service policy


• Support the DDMRP transformation on the production and supply perimeters
lafarge client référence citwell


• Analysis of distribution policy and logistics services • Organization of targeted benchmarks • In-depth study with a hundred clients • Advanced customer service development proposal


•In Supply Chain 4.0's oriented customer

Elle & Vire

• Diagnostic and Supply Chain transformation plan