Knorr Bremse

• Re-organisation of the supply flow to the edge of the line

Knorr-Bremse AG is a German company, one of the world leaders in compressed air brake systems for heavy road and rail vehicles. Since its inception in 1905, Knorr has absorbed many competitors. Among the most famous, American equipment manufacturer Bendix, well known to motorists for its complete kits (calipers, pads, discs …) and ABS systems. The Lisieux site (Calvados) produces compressors and actuators for the braking systems of road vehicles.

Our intervention

• Realization of Value Stream Mapping on one family product
• Construction of a multi-criteria decision support matrix for the component management mode (according to size and diversity)
• Definition of the target location (position and sizing of stocks, drawing of flows, means of handling)
• Simulation of expected impacts (area occupied, logistics load, load balancing, information flow required)
• Construction of the action plan for implementation
• Support to deploy on different production lines