•Logistic EBITDA optimization program, promotional processes, and catalog management, governance on the global items portefolio.

Gedimat is one of the Gedex Group’s banners and the French leader in independent distributors of building and bricolage materials. It now defers nearly 200 members and 500 points of sale.

Our intervention

• Logistics master plan
• Diagnostics, recommendations and implementation support for the logistics operations of two platforms (warehousing and supply), including diagnostics of skills
• Optimizing tours and reducing transportation costs
• Pilot and support for the implementation of a new information system to manage forecasts and supplies of platforms
• Animation of the annual launch process of new catalogs, diagnostics and improvement of the process between different merchandising, advertising, logistics, product managers, basic data management, Internet
• Diagnostics and recommendations for the governance of the entire items of the plant