IMCM – Change management

Win beneficiaries' support for your transformation projects and guarantee your ROCE!

The module in a nutshell

Business life is punctuated by projects everyday : strategic transformation projects, tactical adaptation projects of business processes, organizations, information systems, operational projects for the evolution of practices and working methods. These projects are often mastered at the technical, functional or financials levels, but the consideration of the human factor is often still insufficient or neglected. And yet, everyone has realized in recent years that change management is essential for the true success of these projects, although it still seems complex to implement.


Thanks to the accelerated internship in change management, you have in 3 days all you need to complete your knowledge, test your skils and create your own change management methodology. Training organized in collaboration with the Citwell firm & the Academy of Change / Polytechnique College.

Training with Citwell

Learn more
• Enrich its knowledge base.
• Adopt the posture of a leading Change Manager.
• Know how to diagnose change.
• Build an economical and efficient change mechanism.
• Have your skills recognized.
The little extras
Learn more
• A unique knowledge base of 380 key concepts, 4 sizes of devices, 80 deliverables and useful documents, 18 roles, 6 dimensions, 10 modes of change management based on 11 theoretical approaches and models.
• A 600-page paper repository and unlimited access to a community-based online knowledge and tools platform.
• An international IMCM Expert-Change management certification.

The programme

Work on the technical pillar of change.

Conduct feasibility, opportunity, integration studies.
Map and manage risks.
Propose relevant and well-dimensioned mechanism.
Establish an initial impact study and anticipate useful communication.

Work on the human pillar of change.

Work on the quality of its interactions.
Map and interact effectively with stakeholders.
Communicate, argue, listen throughout the process.
Establish an initial impact study and anticipe useful communication.

Brakes, biases, classic resistances to change.

Adopt at least five essentials levers of change.
See change as a process.
Train effective change management teams.
Diagnose the causes more than the consequences.
Measure and anticipate impacts on at least 6 dimensions.
Gather the conditions of success necessary for each step.

Work on the economic pillar of change.

Specify the estimated methods of costs and benefits.
Work and amplify the ROCE.
Valuing all assets and acquired assets .

They talk about the training

“The IMCM repository allowed me to grasp the change from the point of view of a totally inverse relationship of power: from the one who undergoes the change or tries to “do with” to the one who anticipates and builds it. I immediately adopted it! Change, we continually undergo it without really understanding it, dimensioning it, analyzing it and even less channeling it towards performance. Yhe IMCM method makes it possible to respond to these challenges by making the overall approach as secure as possible. It guides us towards the best strategic choices in the face of a new transformation and analyzes in depth all the impacts and the risks incurred. The IMCM Change Management certification is a simple, versatile and clear approach, making it an extremely effective vision, communication and management tool. A whole world to discover with a passionate and exciting trainer”.

Jean-Marc Meynard, CEO, FLORENSUC.

“This change management training was a breath of fresh air for my team of projects managers and myself, both in terms of its content and the quality of its animation.

The content is a real contribution to the human dimension of projects, a point that is usually just flown over in a project manager training. As for the animation, appreciated by all my participants, it allows to pass a lot of knowledge dense, while spending a friendly moment! Thank you!”.


“A real approach to the issues of change management and its multicultural and multidisciplinary aspects.”

Xavière SorbierCONSULTANT

Number of participants
minimum : 6  – maximum : 12


Please contact us to get further information about the rates.

*Votre formation peut être prise en charge  :
– par votre société dans le cadre du Plan de Formation de l’Entreprise (PFE) avec les fonds alloués par votre Organisme Paritaire Collecteur Agréé (OPCA).

– ou avec l’utilisation du Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF) qui remplace le Droit Individuel à la Formation (DIF).

Participants profile

Project managers, operational managers, IT mangers, HR managers, consultants…

Required knowledge

Minimum experience of one or two years of management.
Without technical prerequisites.

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