DDBRIX Factory

DDBrix is a serious game created in 2015 using LEGO bricks assembly to understand the benefits of Demand Driven MRP in a simple and playful way. Today it is used by many companies and universities and has been used as a an aid for numerous DDMRP projects, first for the project team and then for all teams closely or remotely involved in the DDMRP change.

Training with Citwell

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• Experiment planning pulled by the demand and visible and collaborative execution
• Stabilise production and diminish the stress on the teams
• Learn the fundamental principles of Supply Chain management
• Experiment the changes DDMRP will bring to information and material flow management
• Allow for the theory to take root and understand the difference between a system functionning with MRPII and a Demand Driven system
DDBRIX Formation Citwell

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Starting at 144€ including VAT per person (60 € including VAT for APICS members)
2 500 € / session (up to 12 persons)

Participants’ profiles

Supply Chain professionals, operational excellence professionals, students, consultants

Required knowledge

Minimum of one or two years of management experience. No technical prerequisites.

Trainer profiles

Photo Anaïs Leblanc

Anaïs Leblanc

Paul Gemin