Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM)

The Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) is delivered by APICS that validates basic knowledge of industrial and logistics management, as well as its related vocabulary. This module serves as a synthetic overview of Supply Chain elements and all issues related to material flow management.

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• Understanding the stakes and major processes of Supply Chain Management
• Sharing methods and tools to control logistics processes
• Validating the Supply Chain employees' skills (flows, inventory, cost management...)
• Having an internationally recognized common logistics culture and language
Formation Citwell BSCM : Basics of Supply Chain Management

The programme

  • This section focuses on all the general concepts of the industrial business, as well as on the material flows, the financial flows, the flow of information and the return flows.

    It also presents the best management practices used all around the world.

    1. Elements of Integrated Flow Management
    2. Production environment: Customers, Lead Times, Inventories, Life Cycle, Process choice, Impact of product design, production environment.
    3. Financial elements: Balance sheet, Profit & Loss account, Direct and indirect costs, Analysis.
    4. Integrated management system (MRP II) : Objectives, Main characteristics.
    5. Just-in-time / Lean / Total Quality Management : Objectives, Main Characteristics.
    6. Environmental impact

  • In addition to demand planning, this section adresses customer expectations, the targeted markets and value definition. It also covers the essential principles of forecasting.

    1. Market components : Customers, Competitors, Economy and legislation.
    2. Customer expectations and value definition; Attentes du client et définition de la valeur; Winning and qualifying advantages, Marketing strategy.
    3. Customer relationships: Development of the product and service offer, Assistance in design, Information and communication.
    4. Demand management: Sources of demand, Forecast management, DRP: Distribution Resource Planning.

  • This section covers design, management and control of the transformation process.

    1. Product development; Industrialisation, Planning parameters, Data sources and accuracy.
    2. Capacity management; Capacity measurement, Workload planning, Bottlenecks, Constraint management.
    3. Plannng, Strategic plan, Planification, Plan stratégique, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), Master Production Scheduling (MPS), Requirements and load calculation (MRP/CRP), Finishing programme (PMF).
    4. Execution and controlling, Customer service, Link to the MPS, Scheduling techniques, WIP, Quality assurance.
    5. Measurement of Stategic and Tactic performance

  • This section deals with all aspects of product and service supply, from the supplier to the customer.

    1. Inventory and storage; Categories and functions, dependent and independent demand, Management, Replenishment methods, Cost analysis.
    2. Purchasing and procurement: Reception, Supplier selection, Contracts, Order management, Supplier monitoring.
    3. Distribution physique; Transport, Magasinage, Stock de distribution, Interfaces avec la production, le marketing et les Finances.

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Project managers, operational managers, IT managers, HR Directors, consultants…

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Minimum of one or two years of management experience. No technical prerequisites.

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