S&OP – Sales and Operations Planning

A true pivot between the company's strategy and day-to-day execution, the S&OP process makes it possible to anticipate and make tactical decisions by converging the key functions of the company.

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Your problems

    • Choose between growth or withdrawal, according to the perimeters
    • Take into account changes in customer expectations
    • Increase references and sales channels
    • Favour prioritization or arbitration between customers and/or Business Units
    • Manage material balancing or/anticipate a shortage
    • Choose/modify sourcing
    • Reserve supplier capacities/Subcontractors
    • Commit to purchase contracts
    • Manage production capacities under constraint
    • Manage the risk of producing in anticipation
    • Set budget and resources for next year
    • Set allocations or reservations

Our convictions

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• Categorize ABC products and XYZ markets with marketing, sales ...
• Identify the bottlenecks of the production tool, the suppliers at risk ...
• To adapt the level of involvement (analysis, investigation ..) to the stakes
Enrich the demand
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• Statistical forecasts are not enough to anticipate and require collaborative enrichment :
• with marketing for everything that is relevant to the product and range lifecycle (launches, switches, shutdowns)
• with sales to take into account promotions and field visibility
Manage risk
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• Set up a risk management process to respond to exceptional deals or requests but also find solutions to exceptional capacity issues
Scenario modelling
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Model the various scenarios in the language of each business (in value, in relation to the budget, in logistic units, in batches ...) to allow a exchange and a decision making fluids
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• Include the Executive Committee for key decisions (and only for them).
• Suggest to arbitrate between a few scenarios that are successful and valued

Our solutions and know-how

  • Support the implementation of an S&OP process

    Initiating an S&OP approach is often complex and represents a significant change to be well understood.
    Our tools : Standards (processes, typical meetings …), work on the posture of key players, support for change, games and experiments, implementation of pilots.

  • Deploy/extend the S&OP process

    Extending the S&OP to other perimeters requires supporting this structuring, synchronizing more actions in the monthly loop and ensuring the alignment of each (training and implementation).
    Our tools : Training, support for change, simple process re-design.

  • Support S&OP improvement actions

    The implementation of an improvement roadmap requires accompanying the adjustment of processes, tools and habits.
    Our tools : Support for the selection and implementation of tools, change management, structuring of procedures, measurement and assessment of autonomy at the end of support.

  • Giving a new dimension to an existing S&OP

    Bringing a new direction to an S&OP process to deliver the desired results requires taking a step back and organizing actions.
    Our tools : diagnosis & issues, maturity matrix, alignment on the target and road map, preparation of the change with the CODIR.

Your gains

Customer service
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• Improved customer service rate: 5 to 10 points, depending on the stress levels of your supply chain
• Increased turnover: from 3 to 5%, depending on the stress levels of your Supply Chain
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• Reduction of production costs (5% to 10%)
• Reduction of purchase costs and supply emergencies (-5%)
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• Drop in over-stocks and stockouts (-30 to 50%)
• Improved product freshness by 15% (increased residual life for the customer)

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Jean-Pascal Chichmanian

S&OP Expert

Director of the firm, Jean-Pascal has accompanied many transformation projects, in specialized distribution, industry and luxury. He has been involved in different areas of the Supply Chain, both on upstream phases (master plans, framing, …) and on implementation phases. Jean-Pascal worked on an S&OP planning mission for a large pharmaceutical group.