Industry and Supply Chain 4.0

Know the new technologies, their use cases, benefits and limitations
to anticipate changes and prepare for the future.

Citwell, accelerators of transformation

Your problems

    • Improve the quality of customer service
    • Master the stocks
    • Optimize the use of resources
    • Take advantage of new technical opportunities to expand the service offering
    • Better know the expectations of customers to adapt more and more products
    • Adapt the organization to new tools and ways of working
    • Decide on the role of man in relation to machines
    • To develop trades and train people
    • Measure the environmental impact of the entire supply chain
    • Pilot this impact by aiming for the « neutral impact » objective
    • Secure the data
    • Know how to use the masses of data (big data)
    • Implement an ethical and responsible use of data

Our convictions

4.0 technologies bring industry closer to end customers
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Co-design, very short deadlines, responsiveness, agility, ultra personalization, à la carte services will become the differentiating elements for customers
Companies that miss this shift will be quickly abandoned by customers : installed market shares can quickly be jostled
Man has never had a more central role in industry 4.0
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• 4.0 technologies must be able to detach humans from painful and repetitive tasks
Man must remain the decision maker at all levels and use the technologies in support and decision support
• Maintenance trades and flow drivers will be at the heart of Industry 4.0
Environmental impact is a decisive factor of competitiveness
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• The management of the environmental impact is done on several levels: complete supply chain of the suppliers to the customers, factory, line of production, workstation
• The goal at each level is to have a neutral ecological footprint
Technologies are not the goal but the means
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• The use of technology 4.0 must allow achievement of clearly defined objectives
• Each technological choice must be justified by a economic profitability calculation

Our solutions and know-how

  • Active watch on every technological brick by our team of specialists

    • Participation in exhibitions dedicated to Industry 4.0 and new technologies
    • Demonstration organization by suppliers of innovative technologies
    • Market study and stakeholder mapping for each technological brick.

  • Diagnosis of maturity 4.0

    Position the company against best practices in the industry and supply chain 4.0
    Our tools : maturity grids based on our technology watch and our client benchmarks

  • Identification of development Axes 4.0

    Evaluate the interest and the feasibility of the axes of development
    Our tools : Value Stream Mapping 4.0 oriented (mapping of physical and information flows with highlighting steps for which the use of one or more 4.0 technologies can remove or reduce muda “), effort rating/gain of axes, roadmap for implementation.

  • Driving change for the integration of innovative technologies

    Accompany all phases of the diagnosis change to the anchoring of new practices
    Our tools : change tectonics, impact matrix, stakeholder mapping, training plan, communication plan, RACI, collaborative workshops, pilot dashboard, measure of autonomy.

  • Piloting environmental performance

    • Measure and manage all environmental impacts (energy/water/material consumption, pollutant emissions, CO2 emissions, waste, land use)
    • Take into account the entire supply chain (from suppliers to end customers)
    Our tools : environmental results account, control loops on several levels (measure – decide – act).

Your gains

Gain of market share
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• Proposal of new services
• Better knowledge of customer needs and product adaptation
• Better quality of service
Quality of customer service
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• Time-to-Market reduction
• Availability of finished products
• Control of deadlines and quantities
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• Stock control
• Better use of resources

Employer attractiveness
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• Company at the cutting edge of technology
• Valorisation of the place of the man (autonomy, responsibility, respect of the health)
• Respect the environment

Our references in industry and supply chain 4.0




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Romain Ropitault

Industry and Supply Chain 4.0 Expert

Expert in industrial and supply chain performance, Romain is knowledgeable on all the current standards of the industry (lean manufacturing, BSM APICS, CCDP DDMRP). He is also  continuously keeping up to date on Supply Chain 4.0 subjects (big data, additive manufacturing, connected devices…) and manages projects in various sectors (pharmaceutics, aeronautics, automotive, cosmetics, agri-food). He can accompany you from diagnosis to implementation.