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Faced with the growing complexity of their environment, companies are increasingly turning to specialized information systems (IS). The selection and implementation of these solutions then become major issues requiring a rigorous and proven methodology.

Citwell, accelerators of transformation

Your problems

    • Can the information systems used effectively support the activity?
    • Are they adapted to future developments and/or the new strategy?
    • Are they used optimally by users?
    • What would be the gains of a new system?
    • Which actors should we consult?
    • How to make sure the solution covers the needs?
    • What criteria should be used for this selection?
    • Are there resources to carry out a transformation project?
    • How to challenge publishers and avoid the preponderance of technique on the job?
    • How to best lead the change?

Our convictions

Expected gains must be clearly identified
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Before starting a selection phase, it is necessary to evaluate and share with the business and IT teams the issues and expected earnings by implementing a new solution.
The trade is the compass of the transformation project
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The information system is a support for business processes , it should not constrain them.
• To avoid this pitfall, business needs must be defined from the outset , clearly and in detail, to ensure that the solution chosen and implemented will be aligned with these needs.
Functional coverage is not the only selection criterion
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The effectiveness of the future IS will depend as much on the solution itself as on its implementation . The approach proposed by the various publishers/integrators is to be studied in detail.
The company also selects a partner. Its structure, its strategy, its teams must inspire confidence .
The selection project must include a proof of concept step
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• It is risky to rely solely on written answers to a specification to select a solution.
A model where the software vendors / integrator would play the scenarios defined by the company validates the good functional coverage.
Future users are to be involved throughout the project
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• Integrating resources as early as possible with a good knowledge of the business, its challenges and constraints, helps secure the alignment of IT and business.
A cross-cutting approach is needed , as transformation projects can have organizational impacts affecting several departments.
Change management must accompany the transformation
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Change management aims to secure the transformation desired by the company.
It must :
• Stimulate the support of the various actors throughout the project.
• Ensure that the job has the ability to start the new solution optimally
• Sensitize future users to IS changes, but also to process and organization

Our solutions and know-how

  • • Analyze the relevance of current IT tools vis-à-vis the business
    • Study the maturity of processes and organization in terms of objectives and strategy
    • Evaluate the relevance of the implementation of a new solution: ROI, business and IT impacts, possible trajectories, tools to consider

  • • Analyze existing processes and recommend improvements
    • Define the target processes with the business teams
    • Analyze the data to validate the relevance of the target
    • Derive from these target processes the functional needs
    • To control the good adequacy of the choice of IS with these needs

  • • Identify changes and their business impacts (process and organization)
    • Define a change management plan describing the actions to be taken
    • Carry out the actions defined in the plan (eg: training, communication)

  • • Plan, coordinate and monitor the project
    • Validate deliverables
    • Identify and manage project risks

  • • Produce information requests, functional specifications, and layout file
    • Evaluate the responses of publishers/integrators and make a solution recommendation
    • Offer benchmarks with our clients having the studied solutions

  • • Provide business expertise during the design phases of the solution
    • Assist project teams: animation of design workshops, recipe, user training, start-up support

Your gains

Customer service
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• Service rate improvement
• Improved product availability
• Reduction of disputes
• Improved time to market
• Increased market share
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• Improvement of MOD and ME productivity
• Reduce the costs of emergencies and transportation
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• Reduction of dead stocks
• Improved rotation
• Increased reliability of stocks

Our references in support of choosing
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Antoine Bernard

APS-WMS-TMS-OMS choosing and setting up Expert

Managing partner of the firm, Antoine specializes in operational Supply Chain, consulting and IS. Antoine led many projects in support of choosing and setting up Information Systems in many sectors. He worked, for instance, for Autodistribution, RATP and SEB.