Customer service

The evolution of Customer Service (Sales Administration), made inevitable by the digitalization of the company, represents a real lever of business development: customer loyalty, additional sales, better service,
for increased profitability.

Citwell, accelerator of transformation

Your problems

    • Generation of additional income
    • Customer relationship and business support
    • Resource allocation to clients, catchment areas
    • Reactivity to market expectations
    • Evolution of roles and responsibilities
    • Support for business growth, streamlining
    • Reorganization of commercial activities following merger/ acquisition
    • Extension of services rendered to customers
    • Extended Supply Chain Vision
    • Cost optimization and administrative productivity
    • Versatility of teams
    • Dematerialization of activities
    • Harmonization of practices and formalization of know-how

Our convictions

Sales Administration is much more than a department of the company
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• Sales Administration is not limited to a simple order secretary
• It represents a relationship of individuals, between the Company and its Client
Customer Service is the essential link in the supply chain, because it is transversal
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• It ensures contact with customers, trade, demand.
• It is in charge of the delivery of the deadline, the verification of the availabilities, the follow-up of the sales orders.
• It is the first resort after ordering.
Customer service has rarely experienced major transformations
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• The change of mentality and culture is all the more important.
• The majority of the changes concern the handling of a new ERP, with sometimes weak support for change.
• However blocking the Customer Service/ADV is blocking all the activity of the company.
Sales Administration is at the heart of current and future developments
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• Adaptation of the function to the company's markets and their location.
• Increased connection with all stakeholders in the company for more service and responsiveness for customers.
• Exploitation of data collected during customer consumption to propose a product renewal or additional services.
• Taking into account more and more customization in customer requests, for ever shorter deadlines.

Our solutions and know-how

  • Diagnosis and evaluation of activities

    • Evaluate qualitatively and/or quantitatively the activities of the services
    • Understand as closely as possible to the operational staff the hard points encountered and the levers for improvement
    • Realize the synthesis of hard points and opportunities

  • Validation of the guiding principles of operation

    • Share the diagnosis and identify the levers for improvement
    • Validate operating principles with the departments concerned
    • Validate the first “quick wins” actions

  • Define the roadmap

    • Review and share hard points
    • Identify the barriers to the absorption of the evolution of the activities
    • Define the evolutions to be planned
    • Endorse the action plan for implementation in the short and long term

Your gains

Customer Service
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• Responsiveness to specific requests
• Taking into account specific needs, personalization
• Reliability and responsiveness of the responses sent to the client
• Customer image enhancement
Activity development
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• Drop in lost sales
• Opportunity for additional sales
• Control of costs and absorption of activity growth at iso-effective
Operational Performance
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• Pooling resources, developing versatility
• Harmonization of practices within several entities of the same group
• Formalization and robustness of processes
• Quality certification and process control

Our references in Customer Service



Groupe Soufflet

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Nicolas Henry

Customer Service Expert

With 18 years of experience in consulting, including some internationally, Nicolas has led numerous assignments in various business sectors, some of which focus on the evolution of customer service, including: diagnosis and improvement recommendations Sumitomo Group Customer Service and its French subsidiary Philagro, harmonization of Gattefossé ADV processes, organizational and functional recommendations of Bioderma customer service. He regularly speaks in conferences related to the evolution of the Customer Service function, particularly in connection with the digitalization of the company and its Supply Chain.