Customer promise and service level

La politique de services est le socle commun vers laquelle s’appuieront les équipes commerciales, supply chain et de production pour satisfaire le client. Tour d’horizon du savoir-faire de Citwell.

Citwell, accelerators of transformation

Your problems

    • You are looking for growth drivers, as well as strengthening your margins.
    • You want to keep your price in the face of a competitive market and increasingly demanding customers.
    • Laws (anti-dumping, placing on the market, etc.) are no longer sufficient to protect your business.
    • The surveys you conduct with your clients reveal poorly or unheard expectations.
    • Your competitors are getting ahead by offering innovative services.
    • You want to take advantage of new technologies to create more value.

Our convictions

From the sale of the product to the value of the service
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The value perceived by the customer is no longer centred on the product, but also on the associated services. This is a trend that has existed for years in some sectors and is becoming widespread.
The impact of e-commerce
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The advent of e-commerce has accelerated this trend . The codes and expectations of individuals have changed, and they now have the same requirements with their suppliers in their professional activities: they want visibility in the exchanges, reliability in the promise and a personalized contact.
The offer is the basis of a Supply Chain-oriented client
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The logistics network must be adapted to this offer to make it feasible in good economic conditions.
• Inventory policies must meet the target level of service for each market.
• The industrial strategy must be able to respond to this offer.
• Finally, the service policy defines the conditions under which orders and deliveries are executed .

Our solutions and know-how:
from the customer offer to the service policy

  • • Analyze customer behaviour through data analytics.
    • Collection of their expectations via interviews.
    Competition studies, social engineering.
    • Benchmarks with comparable manufacturers.

  • Summary of current offer and practices .
    Strength and Weakness Analysis , opportunities.
    • Activity Based Costing, room for maneuver.
    Participatory prioritization workshops and definition of the offer.

  • • Definition of the service policy associated with the offer.
    Prioritize implementation projects , what impacts for your organization.
    • Involvement of the sales teams towards the new target.
    • Anticipation of the fears and expectations of sales administration teams.

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Your gains

Customer Satisfaction
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• 10 points gain on customer satisfaction
• An offer aligned with each segment of the market
• The level of service is carried by all organizations of the company

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Olivier Gonot

Customer Promise and Service level Expert

The definition of the customer promise requires an important alignment between marketing, sales and supply chain, in order to verify the impacts and the conditions of achievements. Olivier frames the surveys of your customers in order to understand and prioritize their needs, organize benchmarks, study the gains and margins of maneuver on costs. (Lafarge, bioMérieux...).