Change Management

Get the support of your teams to maximize the financial, technical and human success of your projects.

Citwell, accelerator of transformation

Your problems

    • Faster, more frequent, and more simultaneous changes
    • Internal or external triggers
    • More time, cost and quality constraints
    • Employees with a growing need for cooperation
    • In particular the projects of computer change (75% of failure, study GARTNER 2007)
    • As well as merger / acquisition projects (70% fail to produce the expected value added)
    • Slippages on costs, time and quality
    • Teams rejecting changes or new systems
    • Support, which is often limited to training and communication plans
    • An improvised project manager in Change Manager, without a network of actors of change
    • Resistance caused by those who should lead the change
    • Too many interventions in firefighting and not enough in change architecture

Our convictions

An approach to integrate as far upstream as possible
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• To diagnose the magnitude, extent and intensity
of change
• To frame the path between the current situation and the target
• To anticipate the brakes and the levers of adhesion
to the change project
Change management organizes and infuses
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• A change approach requires knowledge, know-how and well-being
• It must remain agile and adapt to the evolution of the project and its actors
• It is built and transmitted by a network
of trained change agents
Change management is a profitable investment for all
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• It must economically value change
as best
• It anticipates the risks and reduces the uncertainty to have availability reserves
• It anchors and values human and
transformational skills
Change management is experienced on the ground
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• Change is built with change agents in their framework
• Change is piloting, acceleration/brake, depending
on teamwork
• The new cultures/habits settle by sharing
and repetition

Our solutions and know-how

  • Awareness/Training of teams

    • Awareness of change management. Preparation for IMCM® certification.

  • Flash Diagnosis of Change

    • Quick assessment of the « jolt » (disruption) caused by your change, and joint definition of the most appropriate transformation mode(s).

  • Co-construction of action plans

    • Co-construction of the action plan and declension in communication plan, training plan and accompanying plan

  • Guarantee the logistics of transformation

    • Planning management, room reservations, reports

  • Coaching « Change »

    • Individual support for the project manager, middle management and the network of change agents. Create trust to promote membership.

  • Mapping actors and impacts

    • Identification of key populations and actors and their involvement/resistance to transformation, to prioritise your efforts. Measure and qualify each impact and risk to prevent and anticipate them

  • Animation of workshops/seminars

    • Animation of strategic seminars, vision building (DCA method and tools), brainstorming (Graphic Facilitator), co-construction workshops (focus-group), Transformational Leadership Workshops…

Your gains

Human Benefits
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• For teams, promoting co-construction and enhancing change skills
• For managers, developing the leadership of change
• For the management team, supporting a productive and harmonious social climate
Economic Benefits
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• For the management team, respecting the ROI of the transformation
• For managers, with productive contingencies
• For teams, aligning goals with new ambitions
Technical Benefite
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• For managers, building innovative and realistic solutions
• For team, valuing value-added tasks
• For the management team, driving change (or supporting a competitive advantage)

Our references in change management



Groupe Soufflet

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Bertrand Brumel-Jouan

Change Management Expert

Bertrand supports transformation projects from the diagnostic phase to the implementation and management phase. He is the Citwell reference for Change Management issues and collaborates in the dissemination of the IMCM® certification. He has worked with Soufflet Vigne, RATP and Essilor.