The Krys Group Piloted Assortment: personalized change support for a matrix evolution project

The Krys Group Piloted Assortment: personalized change support for a matrix evolution project

The Krys Group Piloted Assortment: personalized change support for a matrix evolution project 521 384 Citwell UK

The Krys Group’s Driven Assortment: a support for change Krys Group ranks among the leading players in the French optical market. Established in 1966 in a cooperative form, today it represents 3 optical brands: Krys, Vision Plus and Lynx Optique, and 1 Krys Hearing audition store distributed on nearly 1,368 points of sale throughout the world. At the same time, producer and distributor, Krys Group has with CODIR, its industrial and logistics site, a decisive asset. It is the only optical group to manufacture its own glasses in France. A guarantee of quality, speed and competitiveness which it directly benefits its 4 million customers. Customized for the benefit of a matrix evolution project.


In an ultra-competitive economic environment, optical groups want to optimize the cooperative operation of their brands to improve their performance. In response to this challenge, the Krys group has been thinking about putting in place among its members a device to get the right assortment of mounts, at the right time and at the right price without having to worry about replenishment. As a major element of the differentiation strategy for the Group’s Retailers, in 2014 the Piloté Assortment was launched with the aim of simplifying management and obtaining margin gains thanks to the mass purchasing.

The Piloted Assortment or « AP » allows signatory opticians to delegate the choice of a part of their frames and the mission to automatically re-assort them. In addition to the regular renewal of the assortment by sending new products, the member benefits from additional services, such as trade-in for optimized stocks and free shipping. Subscribed in nearly 800 stores, this device proved to be restrictive since it was not always adapted to the sales or the sales area of ​​the point of sale. Moreover, as expressed by Christophe Dagron, Director of Lynx Optique and Vision Plus Signals at Krys Group « This first version of the AP was both rigid in terms of assortment and very flexible in the implementation of the device by opticians. It did not fully ensure the optimization of the store mounts offer and had to be redesigned to create value for all». For Clémence Vié, Organizing Director of Krys Group « The new version of the AP, called AP 2018, has retained the strengths of the old device but has operationally integrated notions of accessibility and adaptability for the optician while reinforcing its effectiveness».

  • With the AP 2018, the definition and animation of the offer are driven by the Signs, the Purchasing-Products Department and the CODIR platform. By combining notions of marketing targets, complementary between brands in terms of styles / prices and better model performance, Les Enseignes offers their stores the ideal range for end consumers. « The store teams no longer have to worry about building supply, replenishment, or negotiating the price of the mount, they have at their disposal an effective tool for managing their facing *. Precious time is freed up in favour of the service provided to customers in the store.»

    says Clémence Vié. In this new device, the Signs group the brands in pool, in other words in modules on which the stores are positioned or not. Now, the points of sale adapt their choice of modules according to their size and their competitive environment to gain competitiveness.

    * number of products directly facing the consumer on one or more levels of a linear in a point of sale

  • The network has welcomed the 2018 AP with more than 1063 signatory stores. The objective of the 1,000 members for the end of the year is more than 200 new outlets compared to the AP1 has been exceeded.

    For the consumer, the offer is more adjusted since a redrawing by brands has been done for more complementarity. « This balance of collections, both in terms of price and segmentation, should enable customers to find products that better meet their expectations and their budget » says Frederic Jubelin, Director of Organisation and Information Systems at Krys Group.

    Beyond this success, other topics are being improved: « Today, the exchanges have become fluid between the various Purchasing-Products, Logistics, Marketing Signs on various topics such as exclusive brands.» adds Nathalie Fine, Marketing Director of Lynx Optics and Vision Plus Products. Work on the AP 2018 device has also triggered a general awareness of the benefits of working together.

    So far, says Christophe Dagron, a company could make the decision to launch a new exclusive brand without analyzing the impact on the teams and the overall financial plan. Since then, a committee has been set up to coordinate the Signs, the Purchasing and Products Department, CODIR and the Financial Department ». With support from the marketing department, sales data is shared and quickly identifies the flagship products of the collection, which did not exist before. The group has developed management and monitoring tools to define brand renewal rates by brand, and regular committees are now structuring supply management.

    Christophe Dagron, Director of Lynx Optique and Vision Plus at Krys Group and Nathalie Fine, Director Marketing Products Offer Lynx Optique and Vision Plus.

    « Before the arrival of Citwell, we started a framing of this project that has encountered the complexity and the large number of stakeholders within the group having, and that is naturally different expectations on this project. Citwell’s intervention formalized, unified, shared the guiding principles of this 2018 piloted assortment and focused efforts on the next steps. » says Clémence Vié.


    A phase of diagnosis was necessary to give the opportunity to all the actors (points of sale, suppliers, partners …) to express themselves on their vision and approach of this new device. With many business activities involved, issues of governance or global organization have been identified. « We needed more method, explique Christophe Dagron, not the rigor but the method in the way of approaching the subjects. Citwell’s intervention allowed us to structure our approach. We really went to the end of things and we had a 360 vision of our device while considering the different economic, technical and human impacts ».

    To carry out this project, priority projects were defined: an economic component, a subject on supply, a work on the information system, not to mention actions to drive change.

    2 major axes in the change management have since been followed. Internally, a work of co-construction took place between the different business departments around the roles and responsibilities and the target processes; and externally communication actions for the network, relayed by training.

    The real benefit observed, Clémence Vié develops, is to achieve a concerted product offer between the different components of the Group and managed jointly taking into account both aspects of styles and balance of collections, economic dimensions, constraints supply chain and this for one purpose: to serve our stores better and ultimately our customers

    « The real benefit observed, says Clémence Vié, is to achieve a concerted product offer between the different components of the Group and managed jointly taking into account both aspects of styles and balance of collections, economic dimensions, constraints supply chain and this for one purpose: to serve our stores better and ultimately our customers ». Group-level management (the CODIR banner and the CODIR plant) is now done through committees and is structured by a schedule in which issues common to the three banners are discussed, thus reinforcing the governance of the category of frames products.

    In addition to the presentation of the Assortment at the General Assembly of the Group, communication actions to the network were deployed on the intranet and the dissemination of regular news and the establishment of a dedicated email address to the PA to collect the questions asked by the stores. Thus, the same level of information is accessible and distributed to all via a single channel. Even if the AP2018 is known to all, field teams need more information around the mount (inventory, inventory management …). A wave of training is also planned in 2018 to raise awareness of sales points to good practices and tools available to them. After a transitional phase in the second half of 2017, to smooth the implementation of the offer, the switch between the PA and the 2018 AP will take place from January 2018 to reach 100% of the target at the end of March. This gradual increase in power has been designed and piloted to avoid creating strong jolts in store stocks and allow them to anticipate the implementation of merchandising.

    « With a large number of players, different positions and different levels of maturity in the management of the product range, this project proved to be complex to conduct. On these elements, we found forms of misunderstanding or thought patterns anchored in each direction. Thanks to its intervention, Citwell has helped to lift the locks while allowing teams to acquire more maturity on what a facing or the impacts of this controlled assortment. Finally, Citwell’s independence from our organization has been an asset for it to position itself as a listener and listenable player of all, on recommendations of organization, operation, optimization of operation. or orientation » concludes Frederic Jubelin.